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acts as joint-stock company since 1991 in the Russian market of the information, publishing house, advertising, marketing and telecommunications. Agency " INTRADE " Renders service the Russian state organizations, commercial companies, and   also   foreign   to firms.

      Agency " INTRADE " specializes   in the field of a supply with information of foreign trade activities, analysis and marketing   with use of possibilities of new computer technologies, creation of virtual representations in a web the Internet,         corporate and information sites for the participants of foreign trade activities.

     Agency "INTRADE" - is registered in 2002 in  UN/UNCTAD as Centre of a development of the Russian information centre on foreign trade (Development Centre of Russian National Trade Point (RNTP)) - national organization encouraging a development of international trade and working within the framework of the special program SPTE UN/UNCTAD - Special Programme for Trade Efficiency on advance of the national trade companies in world(global) trade community.

With the purpose of maintenance of information support of the Russian and foreign participants of international trade, assistance to a development of mutually advantageous trade and introduction of the newest technologies of electronic commerce in Russia. By agency is created, is informational and the external economic server " RUSSIA - EXPORT - IMPORT " is technically maintained, which participants are more 45000 trade companies realizing export and import operations.

On the basis of server Agency   within the framework of organized by Federation of Centres of world trade (WTPF)   uniform international commercial network of a UN/UNCTAD   realizes an information exchange between national Centres 190 countries of the world in the field of business and trade about use of modern computer technologies. { }

      the diplomaed experts in foreign trade activities, graduates   participate of professional - practice of foreign trade, In realization of the project; Russian foreign trade academy, and also experts in the field of computer technologies and telecommunications.

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