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To the Contract about the Customs code
Customs union accepted
By the decision of Interstate Council
The Euroasian economic community
( Supreme body of customs union)
At a level of the chapters of the states
From November 27, 2009 N 17
(unofficial translation)

Russian version



C H A P T E R 2. "Information and consultation"

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A r t i c l e 11. Consulting Customs

1. Customs authorities shall consult interested parties on matters relating to customs laws and customs union, and other matters within the competence of customs authorities.
2. Advising the customs authorities is carried out in oral and written forms for free. Upon written request of an interested person, the customs authority is obliged to provide information in writing as soon as possible but not later than the date fixed by the law states - members of the customs union.
3. When advising customs officials do not check on behalf of the customs authorities the customs declaration and other documents to be submitted to customs authorities in accordance with customs laws and customs union, and do not constitute such customs declarations and documents.
Consultation relating to the completion of the documents mentioned in part one of this paragraph shall take place orally without checking the information provided by the person concerned.
4. When advising a customs official may not:
1) to consult on matters not within the competence of customs authorities;
2) to make changes and additions to the documents submitted by interested persons;
3) perform on instruments stakeholders administrative inscriptions, to instruct the customs authorities or in any other way affect the subsequent decisions of the customs authority or actions of its officer in carrying out the functions entrusted to the customs authorities;
4) to report information that is not subject to disclosure under the law.
5. Information provided by stakeholders during the consultation is not grounds for a decision or action (inaction) of customs authority or official in the performance of customs operations in respect of goods.
6. The order of organization consulting the customs authorities by the legislation states - members of the customs union.

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