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To the Contract about the Customs code
Customs union accepted
By the decision of Interstate Council
The Euroasian economic community
( Supreme body of customs union)
At a level of the chapters of the states
From November 27, 2009 N 17
(unofficial translation)

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C H A P T E R 20. "Customs examination during the customs control"

A r t i c l e 139 << >> A r t i c l e 141

A r t i c l e 140. Rights and obligations of customs expert

1. Customs expert may:
1) familiarize themselves with the materials related to the customs examination;
2) engage with the consent of the customs authorities of the other experts in the production of customs examination;
3) refuse for 1 (one) working days from the date of receipt of materials for the customs examination of the customs examination if the questions were outside its jurisdiction, or by responding to issues not within its competence;
4) request in writing within 3 (three) working days from receipt of materials for the customs examination of additional materials needed for the customs examination;
5) receive required to provide an opinion papers and documents, including samples and specimens for study;
6) clarify the matter referred to it in accordance with their special knowledge and competence;
7) use of scientific and technical information from published special and other sources;
8) use the results of their tests and examinations;
9) to participate in customs control.
2. Customs expert shall:
1) familiarize themselves with the materials related to the customs examination;
2) include in the conclusion of the findings about the circumstances that have value for customs purposes, about which no questions were asked;
3) conduct research presented at the customs examination of samples and subject to their affordability and reliability, provide conclusion on the basis of full, comprehensive and objective evaluation of research results;
4) Do not disclose information obtained as a result of the customs examination, do not use them for other purposes and should not disclose to third parties except as required by law states - members of a customs union;
5) comply with deadlines for customs examination.
3. In case of failure or improper performance of their duties customs expert is liable in accordance with the laws of - members of the customs union.

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