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To the Contract about the Customs code
Customs union accepted
By the decision of Interstate Council
The Euroasian economic community
( Supreme body of customs union)
At a level of the chapters of the states
From November 27, 2009 N 17
(unofficial translation)

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C H A P T E R 3. "Relations between customs authorities and participants of foreign economic activity and persons working in the field of customs"

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A r t i c l e 19. Conditions included in the Register of Customs Carriers

The conditions include a legal entity in the Register of Customs Carriers are:
1) this person in the activities for cargo in at least two (2) years of the date of the customs authority;
2) providing security for the payment of customs duties, taxes, an amount equivalent to not less than two hundred thousand euros, exchange rates established in accordance with the laws of the State - a member of the customs union, on the day of making such a provision;
3) the availability of permission for activities on the carriage of goods, if such an activity requires that the document in accordance with the laws of States - members of a customs union;
4) location of property, economic management, operational management, lease used for goods transport vehicles, including vehicles suitable for the carriage of goods under customs seals and stamps;
5) a contract of insurance against the risk of civil liability, which may occur as a result of injury to the goods which is given to the carrier under a contract of carriage, or by reason of breach of obligations arising from the contract. Insurance amount is determined by the laws of the States - Members of the customs union;
6) absence on the day of the customs authority unfulfilled obligation to pay customs fees, penalties;
7) the absence of facts to attract over 1 (one) year before the date of the customs authority to the administrative responsibility for violations in the field of customs, certain laws of the States - Members of the customs union;
8) compliance with other requirements and compliance with other conditions as are prescribed by the customs legislation and customs union (or) the law states - members of the customs union.

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