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Advertising dynamic banner / Advertising dinamic banner

It most economically favourable and effective shape of advertising on the server " RUSSIA - EXPORT - IMPORT ".

Becoming the participant Баннерной of a web Foreign Trade Banners Network the advertizer receives all advantages of the participant of this web, taking into account, extremely target business audience of the Russian and foreign users connected to outbound and import deliverings.   the participant Foreign Trade Banners Network can attract more clients, ensuring stability in development of the business. The advertizer receives an opportunity to declare the advertising   in leading subject sections of the server " RUSSIA - EXPORT - IMPORT ". It allows to grant a high level of presentation of advertising banners for   the users of the server.

In Foreign Trade Banners Network   it is possible to dispose the following banners:

:468х60 (size no more than 15 Kb)   +   the brief text (announcement) up to 200 signs.
100х100 (size no more than 12 Kb) +   the brief text (announcement) up to 200 signs.

Structure of  Foreign Trade Banners Network

1 level

Principal   page  
  2 levels  
  The participants of a FTA(Foreign trade activities)  
  Export - Import  

Internet - magazine


Services and marketing


Economy and statistician



3 levels


Customs organizations, houses, posts

Virtual exhibition






Business - reference


Map of the server


Useful (international Trade) links

  Llegislation News of the legislation
  News News of a FTA(Foreign trade activities) (on data of MASS-MEDIA)
  Representations Database of representations

The dynamic advertising assumes occurrence of a banner of the advertizer on   levels indicated in the table, on all site in rotation not less often 1\5 (1 on 5 click).


The size of a banner Cost
Creation Arranging and service

Advertising dynamic banner of the company
Press here
To look a sample

468х60 up to 15Кб  
100x100 up to 12 Kb

Is specified at the order

See tabl of tarif

Place of arranging of a banner

In top of principal page and pages of the subject unit
In the right dynamic advertising column in a middle of page
Period of manufacture and installation 5 working days from the date of receipt of payment.

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