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Represents   by itself the advertising mini-block in a dynamic column " your partners " in all leading sections of a server "RUSSIA -  EXPORT - IMPORT" for   the registered participants of a category "Representation" or "Official".

Into the advertising mini-block enters:

  • The name of the company with link on the card of the company or Web-representation
  • The image of the logo
  • The  description of the company and kinds of activity

At each loading of page in a dynamic column there is a removal of the advertising block of the company.

Foreign Partners

"SAYCAN CO.LTD " - the turkish corporation, structure of which export is production under the mark TEOS, Aegean and Central Asian region such as, marble, fig, nuts, olives and luccu oil and other. The corporation searches of the business partners in Russia for long-time and mutually advantageous cooperation.

Russian Partners

EXPO -TRADE LTD. - the young, perspective and actively explicating company, into which line of business is included trade in petroleum both on a home market of Russia, and on export. Now company is one of the leaders in the Hunts - Mansijskom an   autonomous region  in the given kind of activity, intimately cooperating with "Gazprom" and having large monthly volumes of sales of such products, as solar oil and automobile petrol.
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Russian Partners

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