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Subject The spanish equipment of factories TRIBOPRESS on production of facing bricks and plates for sidewalk Production of Spanish Holding TRIBOPRESS is the equipment of brick factories. The brick factories consist from: hydraulic is press, robots - stackers, preparatory lines, metal pallets, is press for cracking a brick, elevators(levator) etc."Eternal" (100 frost resistance cycles) ashlar bricks of any colour; "stone" (above 600 kg/cm2) sidewalk tile ...

TRIBOPRESS mini factories manufacture elite Russian-Standard construction and road-building materials of hightened strength, nice aesthetics and wide range of colours.

Wall construction materials
smooth ashlar brick(250x120x65 mm);
chipped ashlar brick (250x100x65 mm);
Mean physical and mechanical parameters:

density: 1,7 - 2,2 kg/cm3;
mechanical strength: 200 - 250 kg/cm2;
bending strength: 30 - 40 kg/cm2;
water absorbtion: 1 - 5%;
frost-resistancy cycles: 150 – 200;
TRIBOPRESS ashlar bricks are used in small storeyed, middle-storeyed and multy-storyed construction in all climatic zones of Russia.

Sidewalk and road materials
figured sidewalk tile (250x120x40 mm);
access road figured pavement tile (250x120x60 mm);
Mean physical and mechanical parameters:

density: 2,3 - 2,6 kg/cm3;
mechanical strength: 500 - 700 kg/cm2;
bending strength: 70 - 100 kg/cm2;
water absorbtion: 1 - 2%;
frost-resistancy cycles: 500 – 600;
TRIBOPRESS sidewalk and road pavement tile is used as an outer pavement in all climatic zones of Russian Federation.

Usability of TRIBOPRESS-made materials on construction market of Russian Federation is periodically certified by corresponding technical conditions.

Spanish equipment of factories TRIBOPRESS
The press equipment with the robot - stacker


Commercial conditions

Price From 450 000 euro
Incoterms DDU
Terms of payment 30 % - advance payment, 70 % - spanish financing till 5 years
Terms of delivery 6-9 months

Information on the company

Contact Person President - Mr. Don Celestino Sanchez Belevets
( All contacts in Russian)
Country Spain
Address Po de la Castellana, 164, 12 Izq., 28046 Madrid
Phone +(34) 91 345 65 12
Fax +(34) 91 350 34 19
Status : is valid     



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