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Sample of the informations on the goods or on HS Codes


Commodity(HS code) 3901101000
Linear polyethylene / polyethylene having a specific gravity of less than 0, 94: / polymers of ethylene in primary forms:
Duty 10%  Order N____
No preferences. Tax 100%.
Excise 146rub/l.alc- Alcohol(spirit) containing production by strength >9%
None - other (NO EXCISE) Order N____
The excise rate is being indicated upon importation, according to the fixed list (order 1127 of 26.11.01 and order 918 of 30.08.02). List of goods (F4).
VAT 18%
value added tax rate is being indicated - value added tax at import (usually - 20%). The rate can be lowered to 10% (food, child goods - see F4) or to 0% (according to letter 01-06/15880 of 13.06.00), in that cases the word "privilege" appears nearby.
Transit deposit - Полимерные материалы с содержанием этилового спирта более 9об.%
No - - Other
Order N____
The deposit is applied for custom payments during the delivery of excise goods ( list of goods - F4) into the inner custom organization by car (BTT mode), and during transit ot such goods through Russia as well.
Deposit means payment owing custom payment sums on the custom organization's deposit and it is being converted into custom payments (with VTT) or being returned with the origin certeficate's authenticity confirmation (for CIS countries) or actual goods export confirmation (during transit). Details - in the order 549 of 22.12.93.
Places of delivery and registration EXCISE GOODS
Yes - excise goods
No- Other
Order N____
The certain delivery and customs clearance places are fixed for some goods. This measure was taken to enforce the goods of separate category control, and to speed up the main customs clearance.
Lists of customs clearance and delivery places are indicated in proper standard acts.
Dangerous cargo Yes - Latex
Yes - Rubber wastes, powder and granules
No - - Other
Drugs and medical equipment Yes - Medical goods (CERTIFICATION OF MINISTRY OF HEALTH)
No- in other
Order N____
Technical facilities for disabled people Yes - for artificial limbs and their semifinished items production (RESOLUTION OF SCC)
Yes - - - - - // - - - ortesises, their semifinished items (RESOLUTION OF SCC)
Yes - Orthopaedic shoes, shoes for apparates, artificial limbs, raw..
Yes     for its producing and semifinished items for it (RESOLUTION OF SCC)
No - - Other
Order N____
Duty 18%
The export taxes for same goods (timber, non-ferrous metals, skins etc. see F4) are fixed by the order 1121 of 21.10.02, resolution 809, 831 and oth..
Tax is calculated similarly to the import tax - either by addvalor rate in % from customs cost, or by specific rate (EURO per ton, EURO per cubic metr etc.), or by mixed - joint - rate in % ter ton, but not less than adjusted minimum per goods unit.
Export tax is not collected at import into the Customs Union countries, and in some cases - at import into CIS (see tax-free export).
Excise None
Export excise was collected during only oil and gas condensate, extracted in Russian Federation, export. Aborted 01.01.02 by the law 126-FL of 08.08.01.

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