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The information on customs registration, rules, modes, duties, customs houses and divisions realizing service information, license and other service  of foreign trade activities

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The customs information





  • Classifiers, codes
    Classifiers, codes and lists of the normative - help information is used for the customs purposes of export and import operations


IMPORT  DUTIES explore_import.gif (2943 bytes)
Common customs tariff,  Russian (HS codes)  
Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Introduce Common Customs Tariffs in 2010

  • Common Customs Tariff. Import duties                                       
    The customs tariff of Russian Federation
  • All detailed Harmonized System (HS Code) of Russian Federation  in english Excel table format 
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EXPORT DUTIES explore_export.gif (2850 bytes)
Russian (HS codes)

  • Export duties                      
    The rates of the export customs duties on the goods removed from Russian Federation


  • The rates of the excises                                       
    The rates of the excises goods imported on territory of Russian Federation
  • Places of delivery and customs registration 
    Places of delivery and customs registration of the excise goods subject to marking
  • Places of a temporary storage   
    Places of a temporary storage of the excise goods subject to marking


  • List of countries
  • List of the goods

  • Obligatory certification of the goods                       
    The list of the goods, for which is required acknowledgement(confirmation) of realization of obligatory certification at issue on customs territory of Russian Federation
  • Certification of the goods
    Importation of the goods getting under certification and monitoring of State organs
  • The nomenclature of production and services
    The nomenclature of production and services subject to obligatory certification In Russian Federation
  • Kinds of the certificates
    The certificate of safety (conformity), certificate of derivation, карантийный the certificate of the goods
  • Rules   certification
    Rules on realization of certification in the Russian Federation affirmed by the Decree Госстандартом of Russia from May 10, 2000 N 26
  • The list of the goods subject to phytosanitary monitoring
    The list of the goods subject to phytosanitary monitoring at removal through customs border
  • The order of registration of the Russian import certificate
    The instruction about the order of registration of the application on issue of the import certificate, Russian import certificate, certificate of acknowledgement(confirmation) of delivery and certificate of the end user
  • List of the goods, at which importation is required submission of the certificate of origin the goods 

QUARANTINE MONITORING                             

  • Nomenclature quarantine of production, consignments and materials


  • Organs of licensing
    The list of federal executive bodies realizing licensing
  • Licensed kinds of activity
    The list of kinds of activity, which licensing is realized by executive bodies of the subjects of Russian Federation, and federal executive bodies


  • Customs Committee of Russian Federation
  • Moscow regional customs
  • Regional customs
  • Customs posts
    Customs posts on state border of Russian Federation, structure
  • Customs laboratories
    The central customs laboratory and regional customs laboratories
  • Veterinary customs and posts
    Divisions of the Moscow zonal Management of state veterinary monitoring
  • Boundary items on quarantine of plants
  • Centres state sanitary - epidemiological of supervision
  • Railway custom-house
  • Excise customs
  • Customs posts for the excise goods              
    The list of items of the miss(passing), through which is supposed removal of alcoholic and tobacco items

Bonded warehouse                                    

  • Bonded warehouses of Russia
    Temporay storage, bonded warehouses of excise goods and etc.


  • Customs transitions
  • Customs carriers of the Moscow region
  • All-Russian customs carriers
  • Customs declarants



We pay your attention to new kinds of services for the participants FTA
Russian exporters and importers
Name Price (USD)/Unit  
Inquiry by the customs information    
Classification of the goods on HS Codes 20-50
The informations on the goods or on HS Codes  >>>   Demo
(Commodity, Import:/Export : Duty, Excise, VAT, Veterinary control, Prohibition of importation, Placement on bonded warehouse is prohibited, Dangerous cargo, Drugs and medical equipment)
Account of customs cost and payment 50-100
The informations on tariff and not tariff regulation 20
The informations on Customs registration and customs clearing of cargoes 30-80
Selection of the legislative and normative certificates(acts) for interesting subjects 30
Advices on the customs and economic legislation of the countries of CIS and distant foreign countries (From 3 working days) 50-100
Advices on interaction with customs bodies on the sanction of disputed situations 30-80
The information for the carrying prices at customs house 10
Development of the circuits for the participants FTA    
Preparation of the circuit on realization of the contract on delivery of the goods (in view of optimization of terms and cost of risk) Contractual price
The analysis of the circuits offered to the client A contractual price
The help in a choice of the transport company, customs broker, insurance company Contractual price
Account of cost of transportation Contractual price
Support of foreign trade activities    
Registration of the participant FTA From 800
Registration of the legal person From 500
Registration of the company at the centres of free trade Contractual price
Accounting support Contractual price
Preparation of the documents and their registration on reception of the credits in the Russian and foreign banks Contractual price
Organization and realization of works for the participants FTA    
Licensing Contractual price
Transportation of cargoes by the forwarding agent Contractual price
Customs clearing of cargoes 10-15 % from customs payments
Insurance of cargoes Under the tariffs of the insurance companies
Protection of interests of the client under the arisen legal attitudes(relations) in foreign trade activities (questions at issue in realization of contract and contractual conditions between the participants of the legal attitudes(relations); questions at issue in realization of the contract with participation of the third persons). Contractual price


After reception the order our representative will contact to you and will coordinate cost and terms of its performance.

Сompany information
Company Name * (from 3 up to 50 marks)
Contact Person * (from 3 up to 50 marks)
Zip/Postal Code (from 3 up to 10 marks)
Address (from 3 up to 100 marks)
Code of the phone* (from 3 up to 10 marks)
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Fax (from 3 up to 50 marks)
E-mail* (from 6 up to 50 marks)
Additional data
Form of payment*
Additional items of information:
(Up to 500 marks)

    *  The information for obligatory filling

Notes :

Total cost of the order is preliminary by estimation.
Final cost of the order is defined in dependence from the individual requirements of the client
in view of the organizational charges, conditions and terms of delivery.

The information


  • Useful links
    In sphere of international trade, economy, finance and other accompanying directions
  • Business the directory
    The help business - information for practical use, codes of telephones useful addresses and telephones


Accommodation in section:

To draw up(make) the order To place order on statistics of export and import operations.

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Foreign economic relations and telecommunications

Services in the field of marketing foreign trade operations (export, import), research of the documentary markets, marketing researches on the basis of economic and statistical datas of foreign trade of Russia, analysis of deliveries of the exporters and importers on different   to parameters (dynamic, volumes, cost, geographic distribution etc.)

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LEGISLATION DOCUMENTS OF  FTA (Foreign trade activities)

The partners

The useful items of information

   The useful items of information The register of organizations, which can represent itself as the guarantor before customs houses
The register of banks and insurance companies acting as the guarantor before customs houses (the Order of a SCC(State Customs Committee) of Russia from August 9   2001 N 784)

  The useful items of information About собенностях of customs registration and customs monitoring of the goods of a separate category
The list of the goods, concerning which the features of customs monitoring and customs registration are applied

  The useful items of information The list of the separate commodity classes requiring(demanding) special 100 % customs monitoring
The list of the separate commodity classes for   amplification(strengthening) of monitoring of certainty of the items of information about the separate commodity class imported to address the recipients, disposed in Moscow and Moscow area(region)

  The useful items of information The list of items of the miss(passing) through state border of Russian Federation, in which is applied double-channel system
The list of items of the miss(passing) on   to customs registration and customs monitoring of the goods removed through customs border of Russian Federation by the natural persons and which have been not intended for industrial or other commercial activity















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