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To the Contract about the Customs code
Customs union accepted
By the decision of Interstate Council
The Euroasian economic community
( Supreme body of customs union)
At a level of the chapters of the states
From November 27, 2009 N 17
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C H A P T E R 18. "Risk management"

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A r t i c l e 127. Terms used in this chapter

In this chapter, the following terms and their definitions:
1) Risk analysis - systematic use of available information, the customs authorities to determine the circumstances and conditions for risk identification and assessment of the likely consequences of non-compliance with customs laws and customs union. Risks are divided into two types: identified and potential;
2) identification of risk - a fact proving that the violation of customs laws and customs union (or) the law states - members of the customs union has already taken place and the customs authorities are aware of this fact;
3) indicators of risk - defined criteria with predefined parameters, deviation from which, or compliance with which enables selection of a control object;
4) the potential risk - the risk that was not revealed, but the conditions for its appearance there;
5) risk profile - the collection of information about areas of risk, risk indicators, as well as guidance on the application of necessary measures to prevent or minimize risks;
6) risk area - separate grouped objects of risk analysis in respect of which require the use of certain forms of customs control, or their combination, as well as improving the efficiency of customs administration;
7) Risk Assessment - The systematic identification of possible risk and consequences of violations of customs laws and customs union in the case of its occurrence;
8) risk - the likelihood of non-compliance with customs laws and customs union (or) the law states - members of a customs union;
9) covering goods - goods that a sufficient degree of probability may be declared instead of goods at risk;
10) the risk of goods - goods across the customs border, for which the identified risks or there are potential risks;
11) risk management - a systematic work on the development and implementation of measures to prevent and minimize risks, evaluating their performance, as well as monitoring the fulfillment of customs operations, which provides continuous updates, analysis and review of available information, the customs authorities;
12) the level of risk - to be determined based on the likelihood of the risk and possible consequences of risk.

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