Russian Information Centre on Foreign Trade.


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United Nations Conference on trade and development rntp_small.gif (1770 bytes) World   Trade Point Federation

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Russian National Trade Point [RNTP] Development Centre -

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Is generated(set up) according to the Program of a UNCTAD

The full member of  World Trade Point Federation  since 2000.




Russian National Trade Point (RNTP) main activities are the following:

-assistance in the devolopment of international trade and cooperation and to the reduction of trade costs through the uso of the EDI and principles of electronic commerce;
-search of partners in the attraction of foreign investment in various industrial, building, information, telecommunication and other projects particularly for the SMEs; assistance in attracting the investment and launching the investment projects and programmes;
-support of the existing Russian Regional Trade Points for the Electronic Commerce and these set up within the UNCTAD Programme: designing, sotting up and the systemic support of the information and computing systems and networks and their organizational and technical infrastructure;
-assistance to the Russian Ministry for the Economic Development and Trade and other federal and local autherities in launching the Russian TP Programme;
-representation and protection of interests of other Russian TPs in the Russian management bodies and in the international organizations, conferences, meetings, foundations, etc.;
-implementation of regular contacts with the UNCTAD and its working bodies responsible for the execution of the TP Programme;
-assistance to the implementation by the Russian TPs of a unified information, technical and methedical policy pursuant to the recommendations issued by the DNCTAD and world or regional conferences;
-information and consultancy servicing of the Russian and foreign participants in foreign trade by request, submission of various information directories: exchange of the economic, commercial and regulatory information;
-placement of commercial offers in the Global Trade Point Network [GTPNetl; promotion of the information about goods and services, involving Russian and regional representations and trade missions abroad;
-monitoring the export and import of goods and services including price quotations and information on exporters and importers;
-consultations and professional assistance at ail stages of preparation of the foreign trade transaction;
-conducting market research and preparation of the state-of-the-art reviews on various aspects of foreign trade activities;
-creation and support of the electronic representations of companies and firms on the Internet;
-conducting public expertise of the formed TPs for their compliance with the regulations of the DNCTAD Programme;
-cooperation with the DNCTAD on the certification issues, and the assignment of the TP status to the newly formed organizations;
-participation of the RNTP and the and members of the RTF Association in carrying out he Russian and international e-commerce programmes;
-taking part in the federal and regional programmes aimed at the support of export/ import and the SMEs;
-assistance and participation in the devolopment of the standards, norms and legal basis for the EDI with a stage by stage incorporation of the e-commerce elements;
-organization and implementation of training and raising professional skills of the RNTP staff and the RTP Association members both in Russia and abroad;
-collection, synthesis, analysis and dissemination of experience gained by the Russian and foreign TPs.

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