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on the foreign trade server

Unique possibilities
To declare your company, goods both services in the Russian and world markets.
Preferential complex of services ( Information + Advertising + Marketing) -
Only for the registered participants!!!

Padding possibilities CATEGORY of the PARTICIPANT
Partner Basic Representation Official
Personal name and password   More dital -- + + +
The information
Complete access to information resources of the server   More dital -- + + +
Accommodation of the information about the company in  database "Members Directory" for general access (Russian and English) More dital + + +
with color
with color
TOP 10
Accommodation of the information about the concrete goods on the stand of the virtual exhibition   More dital -- -- < 5 goods < 10 goods
The visit card of the company More dital -- -- + +
Accommodation of advertising banners of the company on the server " RUSSIA - EXPORT - IMPORT "   (Banner the network of the participants  - Foreign Trade Banner NetWork)   More dital -- -- 1 banner
(100 x 100) 
1 year
1 banner (100 x 100) and
1 banner (468 x 60)
1 year
Accommodation in an advertising dynamic column " your potential partners " in   applicable thematic   section of the server   More dital -- -- +
1 year
1 year
Accommodation mutually of banner (88 x 31) or link of the server " RUSSIA - EXPORT - IMPORT " on a site of the participant "Partner"      More dital +
It is recomended
It is recomended
It is recomended
Marketing explorations. The operating assaying   statistics of foreign trade export-import transactions of concrete documentary items.   More dital -- discount
5 %
discount 10 % discount 20 %
new_din.gif (423 bytes) Promotion of production of the company on the Russian market. Official, exclusive accommodation of the information about company, productions / services.   More dital -- -- -- +

For registration   it is necessary   to select a category of the participant and currency of payment

Cost (USD)

200 500 1000 1500

To indicate the currency of payment > >


To select a category of the participant

Agreement with the participant:

  you voluntarily accept   conditions of the given agreement at registration on the server.
  you are obliged at registration     to grant the authentic and urgent information.
  you acquire the status of the participant of the project " RUSSIA - EXPORT - IMPORT " after fulfilment of registration requirements according to a selected category of the participant.
  you agree to accept email from administration   the server of information nature on subjects of the server, offers received from the sellers or the buyers.
  you agree, that the inaccuracies and - or errors allowed in materials of the server can not warrant for presentation of the claims of property nature.
  the administration of the server can at any moment change some articles of the agreement without the prior notification.
  the administration of the server reserves behind itself the right to consider and to test the information indicated at   registration (and to sidetrack or to wedge effects of registration.
  the administration of the server does not bear the responsibility for veracity of the items of information received by you from information resources of the server and the mail messages, for the contents of advertising materials, declarations, and also   veracity of the contact data placed on the server.
  the administration of the server reserves the right to test, to remove and - or to change any declaration contradicting to the legislation, mismatching subjects of the server or losing(having lost) the urgency.
  the administration of the server on a base of the reliable information granted by the participants, relative(mutual) confidence and business ethics tends to organize   classified, quality and most friend mode of usage of the information, service for   successful advance of your business.


Depressing the button You confirm   the given agreement


The reduced rates on registration at present are established(installed). Hereinafter by administration of the server the tariffs can be changed.

The Agency "INTRADE", taking into account experience and possibilities in the Russian market, offers business cooperation and is interested in realization with the Russian and foreign partners of the joint projects on various directions, bound with information maintenance in foreign trade. For the partners the special personal conditions act.


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