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Visit card of the participant

Represents   by herself the representation card of the registered participant of a category "Basic", "Representation" or "Official" without hiperlinks, which one is arranged(located) in section   "PARTICIPANTS" (Members Directory) of the server " RUSSIA - EXPORT - IMPORT "    


Is positioned   in section "Participants"   according to specialization of the company.


Volume Structure of the card


of company
Press here,
To see a sample

Up to 50 KB        1 page 1. About the company
                    the name;
                    the logo;
                    the contact information
                    a history
                    a market position
                    the basic shareholders
                    - clients
2. Reference directions of activity,
Kinds of production and services.


Term of nanufacturing and installation 1   day from the date of receipt of payment and information materials.

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