Marketing. The analysis. Russian export and import of the goods. All Russian market research. Foreign trade statistics.


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Exemplary variant of performance(fulfillment)

Marketing researches.
Export - Import.
Statistics of foreign trade operations.

The largest Russian firms the importers (recipients) of production on regions.



Altay territory The Kaliningrad area(region) The Moscow area(region) Republic Bashkortostan Stavropol Territory
The Amur area(region) The Kaluga area(region) Murmansk area(region) Republic Buryatiya The Tver area(region)
The Arkhangelsk area(region) The Kamchatka area(region) The Nizhniy Novgorod area(region) Republic Dagestan Tomsk area(region)
The Astrakhan area(region) The Kemerovo area(region) The Novgorod area(region) Republic Kareliya The Tyumen area(region)
The Belgorod area(region) The Kostroma area(region) Novosibirsk area(region) Republic of Komi The Udmurt Republic
Bryansk area(region) Krasnodar territory Omsk area(region) Republic - The Ulyanovsk area(region)
The Vladimir area(region) Krasnoyarsk region The Penza area(region) Republic Tatarstan Khabarovsk territory
The Volgograd area(region) Kurgan area(region) The Perm area(region) The Rostov area(region) The Chelyabinsk area(region)
The Vologda area(region) Kursk area(region) Primorye Territory The Ryazan area(region) The Chita area(region)
The Voronezh area(region) The Leningrad area(region) The Pskov area(region) The Samara area(region) joint-stock company
Ivanovo area(region) Lipetsk area(region) Republic The Saratov area(region) Yaroslavl area(region)
Irkutsk area(region) The Magadan area(region) Republic Altai Sverdlovsk area(region)     *)

*) the limited list   Is presented for scanning; regions

Stavropol Territory

The title of organization The address

-in (kg)

Joint-stock company "SPRING" 357513 PYATIGORSK , 3




*) --

*) The limited list of firms (all on regions 1000 importers) is presented for scanning
    The titles of firms and address are changed


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